UNA, Digia and Atostek signed an agreement on a new information flow solution for the social welfare and health care sector

The information flow solution is a significant project, which creates the basis for developing social welfare and health care services.

UNA Oy and the syndicate formed by Digia and Atostek have signed an agreement concerning an integration and information management solution. The four-year framework agreement includes solution delivery, maintenance services and further development. In addition, UNA Oy has the option to extend the framework agreement by four years. The syndicate of Digia and Atostek is complemented by Nortal, the consortium’s subcontractor having extensive experience from the health care sector.

The objective of the UNA development work is a comprehensive system reform in the social welfare and health care sector. One of the biggest obstacles to the modernisation of social welfare and health care services has been the lacking information sharing between the various parties. The new integration and information management solution is an important step, as it enables nationwide utilisation of client data. At the same time, the intention is that the system reform will enable an operational reform, a shift from a model focused on the treatment of illnesses towards increasing proactiveness, with emphasis on the prevention of illnesses and the overall well-being of individuals. In addition, information sharing improves the efficiency of service production.

For an individual, the reform enables better treatment and service, with medical personnel having a comprehensive overview of client data.

Information made available to everyone through the common Ydin (“core”)

The most important features of the UNA architecture are modularity and the openness of both the data model and interfaces. It will be easy to acquire individual information systems for social welfare and health
care at a later point and connect them to the ecosystem formed by the systems and replace existing systems one step at a time.

The heart of the architecture is the UNA Ydin (“core”), to which the other systems are integrated, and through which the social welfare and health care information is available to different parties. The UNA Ydin and the system built on top of it are independent of any administrative structures.

The integration and information management solution covered by the agreement is a key part of the UNA Ydin implementation, the “core of the core”. The solution by Digia and Atostek consists of a combination of
the eRA software package, open source components, openEHR specification and public cloud.

“The owner-customers of UNA and cooperation partners have been very happy with the cooperation that is starting, and the expected value has grown exponentially since the purchase decision was made. The UNA Ydin solution takes the development of social welfare and health care services to a completely new level and, with this, it significantly improves the professionals’ possibilities to provide more comprehensive service to clients,” says Katja Rantala, CEO of UNA Oy.

“The UNA project is a good example of how the entire society is developed by digital means. I am particularly pleased that Digia and Atostek were selected as suppliers based on quality scores. We carry out high-quality and meaningful work for the benefit of our society,” says Digia’s CEO Timo Levoranta.

“With the UNA Ydin, the winter of the social welfare and health care digitalisation is over and, in the future, smaller agile software companies lacking long experience in software development for the social
welfare and health care sector will be able to participate in the development of social welfare and health care applications. This has been difficult in the past because of the closed nature and varying types of interfaces,” says Mika Torhola, Managing Director of Atostek.

For further information, please contact:

Kimmo Kasteenpohja
Chief Digital Officer, UNA Oy
Tel. +358 (0)44 430 9851

Teemu O. Virtanen
Senior Vice President, Digia Business Connect
Tel. + 358 (0)40 849 1159

Mika Torhola
Managing Director, Atostek Oy
Tel. +358 (0)50 412 3453