Fast track to deploy nationwide electronic prescription system

We in Finland have one of the best healthcare system in the world. Do you want to know how to enable true benefits of telemedicine with national electronic prescription?

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The complete solution
to prescribe medication electronically.

Take advantage of Finland’s national investment of over ten years.

Affordable pricing.
Save development costs and delays of a new system.

The electronic prescription system is effective service to support healthcare during COVID-19 pandemic, but  also the first step of eHealth and expandable to national health record solution Clinibus.

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Read a comprehensive description of eHealth development and best practices to deploy electronic prescription system.

Recibus explained in under 2 minutes


Key features

prescribe anywhere

Prescribe anywhere, anytime

Recibus and Clinibus are cloud services. This means prescriptions can be written and patient’s prescription history can be seen from any internet-connected device, also with mobile devices.


Quick and easy to use

Both, Recibus and Clinibus have a simple user interface that is quick to learn and easy to use. Patient records and entire prescription history are visible with one glance.

data up to date

Prescription data always up-to-date

Presciptions are stored into a centralised medical database from the point of care and they are immediately visible to the pharmacists and other physicians. Consistent documentation decreases record overlapping.


Recibus — easily available

  • A centralised medical database where prescription data is always up-to-date
  • Healthcare professionals can view a patient’s full prescription history and pharmacies have access to prescriptions
  • Browser-based cloud service and available in real-time everywhere

Recibus in the big picture

  • National cross-organisational electronic prescription system
  • A secure solution, built according to Finnish national specifications which adhere to international standards
  • Applicable as a national or area wide solution for governments or as a corporate solution for healthcare organisation


National cross-organisational health record system
Healthcare professionals can view patient’s history from a centralized storage.

Clinibus VAX

Total solution for Covid-19 vaccination

Clinibus VAX comprises

  • Browser-based mass vaccination application for healthcare units that administer vaccines. Quick and almost touch-free service flow minimizes the required personnel.
  • Clinibus EHR back end for registering vaccinated persons.
  • Vaccination passport & covid-19 test passport application based on personal data wallet.

Features of the Clinibus EHR back end are far more advanced than just vaccination registration, and the solution can easily be extended to a full-blown nation or region wide EHR solution.


Atostek connects over 20 different electronic medical record and clinical systems to the Finnish National Health Register.

Atostek was chosen to be a vendor for a nationwide integration solution in 2019.


The National archive for health information repository was defined in 2007. E-prescription has been used over 10 years and mandatory since 2017.

Finland is among the leading countries in the electronic data management of health and well-being.


Read comprehensive description of eHealth development and best practices to deploy electronic prescription system.

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