Complete solution to prescribe medication electronically, and
view and store patient records.

Based on Finnish model of electronic prescription and nation wide EHR system.
For more information, take a look at Kanta.

Recibus & Clinibus
The safe way to digitalize health care.


Key features

prescribe anywhere

Prescribe anywhere, anytime

Recibus and Clinibus are cloud services. This means prescriptions can be written and patient’s prescription history can be seen from any internet-connected device, also with mobile devices.


Quick and easy to use

Both, Recibus and Clinibus have a simple user interface that is quick to learn and easy to use. Patient records and entire prescription history are visible with one glance.

data up to date

Prescription data always up-to-date

Presciptions are stored into a centralised medical database from the point of care and they are immediately visible to the pharmacists and other physicians. Consistent documentation decreases record overlapping.


See how Recibus and Clinibus work

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All physicians are able to write prescriptions into the secure system, independently of their existing IT systems. They can view and add patient records to a national database.



Recibus offers a distinct user interface for the pharmacists to see prescriptions. There is no handwriting for the pharmacists to interpret.

IT system providers

Healthcare information system providers

The service can be integrated into an existing hospital information system and electronic medical record. But it also functions as a standalone module.



Browser based system – no integrations necessary.
Quick and easy to set-up.

Simple to use.
Authentication with SmartCard.

Affordable pricing.
Contact for further information.

  1. law

    E-prescription law issued in Finland.

    Finnish national architecture based on centralized medical database (Kanta) defined.

  2. pharmacist

    All Finnish pharmacies able to receive e-prescriptions.

    Medical database Kanta in production.

  3. finland

    eRA – Atostek’s national version of RECIBUS in production.

    Public healthcare in Finland using e-prescription.

  4. chart

    eRA becomes the most widely used Kanta integration service in private sector healthcare.

    TEKES (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) decides to fund RANE, a project that will produce international versions of RECIBUS and CLINIBUS (ePrescription and EHR solutions).

  5. espansion

    International RECIBUS service pilots.

    International marketing of RECIBUS starts.

  6. Recibus

    in production.

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